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Virtual CFO

My business is to know your business.  You need financial data you can rely on to run a successful business. I bring to the table a unique combination of years of financial analysis experience along with my cpa background of accounting & auditing. I am committed to providing insights that will take your business to the next level.

Business Review

Sometimes you just need a set of fresh eyes (and expert eyes) to look over your situation. I offer various levels of business review in which I take an in-depth look at your tax, financial, and operational state of your business and make specific recommendations on how to optimize your structure. Having an expert review your current operation will give you the peace of mind that you are legally compliant and that you are not leaving money on the table.

Tax Services

Don’t write off expert tax preparation and planning. I don’t just do your taxes (though this does give peace of mind that you’re not missing something). If I see anything I think could help you save money or grow your business, I’ll let you know. I take the time to get to know you and your business and develop a personalized plan that meets your unique needs.

Financial Coaching and Planning

Money Coaching is helping you get your financial life under control. Money Coaching differs from financial planning in that it focuses more on controlling & accumulating–rather than simply managing–one’s wealth.

I was so grateful to find a CPA who is knowledgeable about small businesses AND reselling. Mark is very easy to talk to and helpful to review my tax situation and offer guidance and advice relevant to my personal situation. He responds in a timely manner, which is a huge bonus! 

– Rebecca Black, Bexa Boss Lady

As two creatives running a small business, we rely on Mark’s knowledge of tax laws to help us plan for the coming year. His guidance and wisdom are priceless. Highly recommended for small business owners who would rather work on their business than worry about paying too much (or too little!) in taxes.

– Jennifer and Jonathan Fenske

I’ve enjoyed collaborating with Mark on several business projects over the years.  He is super easy (and fun) to work with!  If you’re looking for someone who is honest, fun, and knows his stuff, then Mark is your man!

– Stephanie,


There needs to be way more Marks in this industry. People who can not only handle your taxes for you competently, but who are actually enjoyable to work with! And dare I say it – make this stuff fun. There are too many robots out there.

– J. Money,

Trying to do our taxes after our first year of reselling online was a big mistake. It was very difficult to navigate all of the write-offs and everything we were supposed to claim. Mark lifted a huge weight off of our shoulders. His professionalism, knowledge, courtesy, and willingness to communicate and walk you through all the steps makes his service invaluable. I could not recommend him enough.

– Joe & Nicole State, State’s Place

Download my FREE checklist

The Top 5 things you should be doing RIGHT NOW to avoid business and tax surprises.