Certified bean counter, virtual cfo, tax guy, & money coach

Here’s the deal…

So many “finance experts” are out there these days. Of those that are legitimate, only a portion know how to have fun and relate with their clients. You can read about my qualifications and experience below, but the bottom line is that I love helping people and small businesses with their money. And I like having a good time in the process.


I graduated with an Accounting degree from Brigham Young University in 2007 and became a licensed CPA in 2009. After working in public accounting at both Ernst & Young and Farnsworth Company for a few years in Arizona, I attended Indiana University where I graduated with an MBA in finance. Since then I’ve worked in various corporate accounting & finance roles at Toyota, Whirlpool Corp, and American Standard. All the while behind the scenes, I’ve enjoyed using my experience to help individuals and small business improve their financial situations.


Having worked at one of the largest accounting firms in the world as well as one of the smallest, I have audited and consulted for both multinational corporations as well as small businesses and individuals. This kind of diverse exposure has reinforced my passion for working with individuals who are looking for a solid financial path forward.


I do all of my work virtually. Technology is making all of this easier every day, and in most cases you no longer need a local CPA. Most states have adopted legislation that allows CPAs in good standing to practice outside of their principal place of business without obtaining another license.

Join the virtual CPA revolution! You will be glad you did!