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Reseller Tax Academy isn’t a tax preparation training program. It’s a business & tax optimization implementation program.


The real value comes from educating yourself about how to optimize your tax situation and not get caught in a downward cycle of procrastination.


In this program, we discuss not only how to clean up a tax mess but also the simple ways to avoid finding yourself in that position again.


No more wondering if you can do this or that, because you’ll have knowledge that will give you confidence.

Featured Client Testimonials

"This is an excellent resource of information, and I would certainly recommend it as a 'must-have' for those entering the reselling world. It is much more useful than 99% of the other reseller 'courses' out there."


– Lindsey @LindseyisThrifty
Knockout Hideout (eBay, Etsy, Poshmark)

"I was so excited to go through this course and realize that I shouldn't be terrified and stressed out when it comes to taxes, and that if done right, it should only take a few hours a year (which is a huge relief)."


– Alicia K, eBay, Facebook, Mercari

"Invaluable information throughout the entire program. You present the information — which most people normally run from — in a simple and interesting way helping us to understand its importance in running our businesses."


– Jude Scinta, JAS Productions, Top Rated eBay Seller

"Being a fairly new reseller, this course is exactly what I needed to understand how to handle taxes and manage my books."


– Cooper Brown @AcquireFire, (Ebay, Poshmark, Mercari)

"I thought that this [course] was incredibly valuable... I've taken a few courses and followed a few resellers, and they always state that you want to treat this like a business, but that's all that is said."

– Paul H. Amazon, eBay

Frequently Asked Questions

What online sellers have asked before signing up for Reseller Tax Academy

When does enrollment open back up?

General enrollment opens in January of 2025. Exact dates will be posted once finalized.

What if I don't know where to start?

Then you’ve come to the right place! This is where you start. The program walks you through the basics of how taxes fit into the big picture, questions you should be asking, the most important deductions, how to clean up a tax mess, how to deal with the IRS, and the accounting that makes it all possible.

If we are still months out from enrollment, consider a primer of my reseller finance ebook.

What makes this course better than other tax or bookkeeping courses out there?

This course was specifically designed BY a CPA reseller FOR other resellers. Reseller Tax Academy has already allowed thousands of students to ditch the stress, optimize their taxes, and focus confidently on their businesses. You will have lifetime access to all course enhancements and upgrades that will reflect tax changes you need to be aware of.

About The Instructor

Mark Tew (that’s me) is a CPA, CFP® practitioner, and Enrolled Agent who specializes in helping online sellers become more profitable. With a growing online selling business of his own, he understands the unique tax and accounting challenges facing online sellers.

With an accounting degree and MBA in finance, he has worked in both public accounting and corporate finance at Fortune 500 companies. He now works almost exclusively with online sellers.

He hosts the free Facebook group Accounting for Online Sellers, a community of online sellers looking to learn about the right way to manage the tax & business side of things.

He likes to pretend that he still skateboards and plays volleyball as well as he did in high school. He also enjoys working out, eating pizza, and spending time with the fam.