Tax Preparation

Ahhh…the delightful fact of life that is paying taxes. Not only do you have to pay your taxes, but you are also responsible for figuring out how much to pay by navigating through hundreds of IRS forms and tax documents.

The good news is that you don’t have to continue to put yourself through the pain of tax preparation. You can let me happily lift that burden right off your shoulders, and I can likely save you some money in the process. You will have the peace of mind knowing that I will help you do everything you can to minimize your tax liability.

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Tax Review

How many years in a row have you used Turbo Tax, sweating as you press the “submit” button. Most people are just hoping that they’re not doing anything wrong and that they’re not foregoing oodles of tax savings.  Allowing me to prepare your taxes will spare you that feeling.

And the good news is that I can review prior year returns to see what you may have missed or simply confirm that the IRS won’t be hunting you down any time soon. I can often find mistakes for which we can submit amended returns and get you an additional refund.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is about the future. While tax prep is usually an annual endeavor, tax planning can be done all throughout the year for the best results. Expert tax preparation helps to ensure you get the most for your money right now, but there is a limit to what can be achieved if you haven’t planned.

As I prepare your tax returns, if I see blatant errors or easy tweaks that will save you money going forward, I’ll absolutely let you know. But if you want to save the maximum possible, additional tax planning might be exactly what you need. The benefits of proper planning only compound going forward. For example, if we make a change that saves you $4K, that means you save that $4K this year AND every year going forward.

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