Most of my small business clients sell online.

So do I. Let me help.

Click above to join the discussion. I’ve seen way too many out of control forums on ebay, amazon, and other places on the web with accounting advice that is just plain bad. Ask your questions here, and we’ll make sure you get the right answer!

Online Seller & CPA

As a CPA experienced in the industry and as someone who sells online myself, I know exactly what to look for to help you optimize your tax and financial situation.

Many new, and even some veteran sellers, find themselves struggling with these questions:

  • How should I be tracking my inventory?
  • Should I be using bookkeeping software?
  • Do I owe quarterly taxes? How much do I owe? How do I pay it?
  • What deductions can I take?
  • Do I have to collect sales tax?
  • How can I increase profitability? How do I track my profitability?

I have helped hundreds of sellers obtain peace of mind (and often more profitability) through providing custom recommendations about how to get their businesses under control. Whether you have doubts about your tax situation, accounting process, financial systems, or even general operational issues, I can help. I deal with my own selling business on almost a daily basis, so I get it.

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