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2016 Tax Resources

Please schedule a time for me to begin work on your 2016 tax return. You do not need to be present. This is just a way for me to loosely schedule my tax season. First come first serve!

Bookkeeping Solutions

Wave Accounting

Easy, free accounting software for your small business.

GoDaddy Bookkeeping

Most of my eBay clients who use any type of accounting software are using GoDaddy Bookkeeping.


Invoicing capabilities make Freshbooks a great solution for service-oriented businesses.


The classic solution. Historically geared more toward accountants, Quickbooks can do just about anything you need to manage your small business.

Google Sheets or Excel

I’m bias because Excel is my second home, and I don’t think there’s it can’t do. Google sheets isn’t quite as robust, but it makes up for it with all of it’s cloud and sharing capabilities. If your looking for an awesome spreadsheet template to track your income and expenses, check out this one. It’s targeted to bloggers but can be used for many types of small businesses to track their business activity.

Tax Solutions

Sales tax can become incredibly burdensome and complex for online sellers. TaxJar essentially eliminates the headache of dealing with sales tax and helps you accomplish in minutes what would normally take hours. It integrates with most online selling platforms has great customer service.

Join the virtual CPA revolution! You will be glad you did!